Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

This year, in addition to making donations in your honor to charities (American Red Cross and Feeding America)


, Wooldridge Associates has once again selected a small gift that we hope will be meaningful


, relevant, and useful.

Inside the white padded envelope is an extremely bright and well-designed pocket flashlight featuring 3 LEDs, a water-resistant switch, and a sturdy clip. Just remove the battery saver from inside the barrel and it is ready to go.

When you use your new flashlight, we hope you will think of Wooldridge Associates as your handy and reliable source of bright illumination into complex consumer issues.

Have a safe, happy, and prosperous new year.

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  1. Amy Witz Reply

    Thanks so much for the holiday greetings and flashlight. For the record, you’re right about the flashlight being very bright. I removed the battery-saver tab, pressed the button, and (stupidly) looked directly at the bulbs. Fortunately, the blindness lasted only a few minutes. ;-) Seriously, though, this tiny flashlight is going to be a handy thing to have. Thanks! Also, I love the website. It was particularly fun seeing Gabi again. Does she still fetch? Give her a good scratch behind the ears for me. Happy 2011 to all of you!

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