Are “Free” QR Methods Worth the Cost?

Are “Free” QR Methods Worth the Cost?

Patrick and Patrice Wooldridge are looking forward to presenting a look at free (and virtually free) QR methods at the 2014 QRCA National Convention in New Orleans on October 16

, 2014.

We will cover the pros and cons of several free methods of conducting QR to assess what make sense – or doesn’t – to include in one’s bag of tool when we need less expensive options. Topics will include:
1. Overview of platforms like Google Hangouts and SKYPE which allow one to conduct video interviews as well as “free trials” such as GoToMeeting and WebEx
2. Ways to modify these platforms to suit our needs (e.g.

, how to let clients view real-time or after the fact).
3. Free methods to include homework, journaling/diaries, etc. and even real time feedback from smartphones
4. Security Issues, watch-outs, and how to handle this
5. DIY Short-cuts for editing and inserting pictures, audio and video

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