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Wooldridge Associates is recognized as being experts at qualitative research

We have particularly strong experience with both adults and kids targets. In fact, we have found ways to work with the whole family to better understand the interactions of the parents and the children. Wooldridge Associates is a leader in helping firms understand the consumer journey.

Some of the methodologies we use, and the benefits/reason why you would use this, are listed below. Our experience and creativity allow us to tailor the methodology to uniquely meet the needs and circumstances of each individual project.

M.O.R.E. – Moment of Rich Engagement

Using Mobile Geo-fencing, we reach your customers in the moment of decision making, initiating a dialog which uncovers the drivers of their behavior in order to leverage this in marketing and advertising.

In-person Interviews Incorporating Dual Process

Wooldridge Associates is well verse in gaining both the implicit and explicit comprehension (Dual Process) from the consumers they interview. Whether the topic be a product, package, store aisle, advertising, etc. we provide clients a rich perspective about the user experience.

Webcam Interviews And Online Bulletin Boards (OLBB) and Communities

A way in which to interact with consumers who are in the comfort of their own environment, which helps them more deeply reveal their wants and needs. This information is essential in working on positioning and communications. View a short video introduction to Webcam Interviewing and/or the OLBB techniques — which allows for a lengthier, more in-depth interaction with consumers.

“Walk & Talk” Ethnography

Spending time with consumers in stores, restaurants, homes, etc., allows us to “walk a mile in their shoes” so that we can better understand their journey, including challenges which can be used as opportunities by your firm.

Communication Testing

We recommend conducting this at a central location so that we can combine eye-tracking, facial coding, and a brief 1-on-1 interview after viewing ads, followed by mini-groups to further explore all elements of the marketing mix. This allows us to get complete communication feedback that aids in optimizing the advertising and advertising mix.


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