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In addition, we offer several other powerful services including:

Hybrid Studies: Making Qualitative and Quantitative Work Together

These studies combine qualitative information with quantitative data to allow us to understand both the meaning behind responses as well as the range of responses and the tendency for these responses to be representative of the marketplace.

The process begins with taking pre-recruited respondents on a one-on-one basis through the quantitative survey and then bringing 8 to 10 of these respondents into a focus group to better understand their responses.

At the same time, the quantitative survey is being conducted either through mall-intercept or other quantitative research methodology.

All the data is then analyzed so that you have a complete picture of what is most important and the reasons why.

We have a presentation about this process if you’d like to learn more. E-mail us for more information.

Feed Forward: An Iterative Process for Developing Ideas

This process takes a team of marketing professionals right from the inception of an idea through to a successful product launch. Although there are many ways this might be structured, a typical study would start with qualitative research to understand the attributes, benefits and values of the target market.

From here, this information is used as the key input into the team’s brainstorming session where the prime opportunities for the product are brought to light.

Once the key opportunities are articulated, the team breaks up into smaller groups so that each group can work on writing either positioning headlines or mini-concepts that can be shown to respondents in focus groups.

We have a presentation about this process if you’d like to learn more. E-mail us for more information.

Kids Research

We have done hundreds of groups with kids of all ages between 6 and 18. Through that experience we understand how to:

  • Screen for the best respondents
  • Set up the room in a way that is conducive to a great group discussion
  • Help the client think of age-appropriate stimuli
  • Deal with unruly children so that the other kids in the group are still comfortable speaking up.

Each kids project is looked at for its unique needs. For instance, sometimes we will suggest doing “Stacked Groups” where the mom comes in with the child. For this methodology we have one moderator with the moms who are watching their children (via closed-circuit video) being interviewed in another room.

Once we’ve spent about 45 minutes with the kids, we have the moms come into the focus group room while the kids are given a fun assignment involving a product or competitive set while they are waiting for their moms.

Since there is a moderator in each of the two rooms, we can more thoroughly probe both targets and if we want we can finish with the moms and kids together to better observe their personal interactions (which is particularly fun when you have them do a mock shopping trip where the child is told they can pick one thing!)

Contact us for more information.

Innovative Creators: Kids’ Brainstorming

We have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Illinois Gifted School program in creatively brainstorming new products and new ideas. This is a process that involves the marketing and research teams as well as copywriters and graphic artists (when appropriate).

Sessions are held at the school and the children meet in small groups, each headed up by a member of the team, to creatively brainstorm new ideas.

Of course, we thoroughly prepare the team beforehand so that everyone knows what role they play. We have a full presentation about this process if you’d like to learn more. E-mail us for more information.


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