Video Demonstrations

Introduction to WebCam Research

This video introduces the format used for Webcam qualitative research. Webcam focus groups reach people in their homes or offices. They can be conducted anywhere in the world that has access to high speed internet, and the client team can watch, and be part of the research, from the comfort of their own computers.

Reports with Video Clips

We have been integrating video of the qualitative interviews into client reports for years. This means we have the experience to find the most economical, fastest, methods to do this task. Please ask us about your options.

Contact us for more information.

Online Bulletin Board Research

Online Bulletin Boards (OLBB) allow respondents to participate in a 2-3 day “virtual” focus group. The result is often more in-depth, thought-out, honest responses than would be possible with in-person groups

The video below introduces the fundamentals of Online Bulletin Board Research. OLBB panels are a powerful tool to deeply investigate your research objectives. The amount of time respondents spend with you, and the size of your panels, is very flexible—allowing for very cost-effective quasi-ethnographic studies.


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