Awards & Presentations


Silver Ogilvy Awards for PAM
Katie Bartholomew Sr. Research Manager & Patrice Wooldridge at the 2014 David Ogilvy Awards

Gold Medallion Ogilvy Awards for Kraft Singles
“The Calcium They Need” campaign – Susan Serlin Director Insight & Strategy and Patrice Wooldridge 2000 David Ogilvy Awards


We are recognized by our peers as experts:

  • 2017 MRMW NA – Market Research for the Mobile World, Chicago, IL
    Title: Beyond Communication Testing – New solutions to helping to optimize communications
  • 2016 QRCA International Conference, Vienna, Austria
    Title: Improvisational Duets and Small Ensembles: Principle-Based Qualitative Research
  • 2014 QRCA Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA
    Title: Are Free Methods Worth the Cost?
  • 2011 QRCA Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada
    Title: Tech Tools and Jargon for Business Success
  • 2009 QRCA Symposium, Chicago, IL
    Title: “Gazing through the Crystal Ball: Anticipating Emerging Trends” 
  • 2008 (May) AQR/QRCA International Conference, Barcelona, Spain
    (Assn. for Qualitative Research / Qualitative Research Consultants Assn.)
    Title: “Reality Research – Capturing the Consumer’s Voice In Their Moment of Need”
  • In 2006-7 we presented to the following QRCA chapters:
    • Chicago
    • Cincinnati
    • Seattle
    • Boston
    • Baltimore / Washington D.C. (and in 2015)
  • 2005 QRCA Annual Conference, Beverly Hills, CA
    Title: “Supporting Your Business with Technology”
  • 2002 QRCA Annual Conference, Toronto, Canada
    Title: “Partnering with Clients to Create Great Stimuli”