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Advertising and Communication Research

We have extensive experience in advertising communication testing. Patrice’s years working at advertising agencies lend the firm a strong understanding of and appreciation for the creative process.

With this, our firm can help you build on what is learned – rather than just evaluate what is being shown.

Brainstorming and Ideation

We have run many ideation sessions to help develop new product ideas, names for new products, and line extensions. In addition, we can come out to train your department in a method for running their own brainstorming sessions.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is the art of keeping all the vectors of the creative research, sales, and marketing efforts moving congruently and supportively toward the heart and mind of the target market.

Store Design and Layout

We have helped several retail stores qualitatively evaluate their store design and layout. The typical methodology includes asking respondents to shop at the store, as well as those of one or two competitors.

Afterward, we have them fill out a “homework” sheet that asks them to record how they walked through the store, what they looked at, what caught their eye, and what they liked and disliked. In most cases we will ask them to take pictures in the store so that we can see what they see.

In following up – whether in an OLBB, webcam interview or even in-person focus groups – we then probe more fully into their reactions and show them options for possible variations in the store design and layout. Using technology called “The Wall” we can show their suggestions in the focus group room and, if we need it, a computer graphic artist can be on hand to make changes based on respondent’s input, so that reactions are immediately assimilated into the research.


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